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Is your customer service really good?

Yes, its fantastic! Read some of the feedback we have had below.

Many thanks guys - as always GREAT customer service! Don't ever leave me I wouldn't know what to do, it's just so easy hoping on the web pressing a few buttons and presto my contact lenses are in my letter box. from Clarina

Arrived this morning, thank you so much for the service had damaged one of my last pair and had no contacts to wear at all, was unable to get my usual store to allow me a pair pending an eye test tomorrow on my day off, will definately be back, a good friend recommended you highly
Regards SJ

Hi, I just received my first order from you. I want to thank you for extremely prompt service and for being the best most professional online lens store I have dealt with to date.Regards, Evan

Dear Contact Lens Shop, Just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your service. The pricing is very reasonable and the delivery is spot on.Being an online store I can imagine you probably don't get a lot of feedback/praise for your service but I wanted to fix that :) Whenever I encounter a colleague who also wears contacts I always point them in your direction.In fact: my sister is an optometrist and my insistance on buying contacts through you instead of through her is resulting in familial angst! :) Thanks again, Your loyal customer,Joe

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